• Ensure local and seconded personnel (expatriates and impatriates) planning, scheduling, administrative and contractual management and all HR fulfilments, according to the national and international labour agreements, trade unions associations, company agreements, civil/fiscal and social security laws;
  • Ensure the processes of recruitment, compensation, development and training of human resources in order to meet business needs.


  • Ensure coherent application of guidelines, policies and procedures related to human resources;
  • Support human resources activities in preparing and respecting HR schedules and plans;
  • Optimize the distribution of human resources among departments, according to the evolution of the business;
  • Ensure proper and timely temporary/permanent contract management;
  • Ensure individual contract fulfilments;
  • Provide consultancy to employees (e.g. about procedures, rules, working hours, compensation) and to depar tment managers (e.g. about labour cost accountancy, employee remuneration);
  • Provide consultancy to employees (e.g. about procedures, rules, working hours, compensation) and to department managers (e.g. about labour cost accountancy, employee remuneration);
  • Manage the employee missions in home country and abroad and ensure the correct mission expenses accounting;
  • According to local law, appropriately manage personnel overtime;
  • Manage personnel leave cycles/periods;
  • Manage personnel leave cycles/periods;
  • Guarantee the fulfilment of Immigration matters (work permits, work visa);
  • Provide HR reporting to all interested parties;
  • Provide labour cost information for the balance sheet definition;
  • Supply recruiting and search services according to the Management requirements and in line with the human resources planning;
  • Manage the contractual and salary offers to candidates, in accordance with the other HR processes and procedures (contracts, compensation, development);
  • Ensure the support to the line in the management of skills evaluation, performance evaluation and evaluation of potential processes and relative feedback phases;
  • Guarantee the segmentation, mapping process aiming at the identification of key resources (local and international);
  • Collect information regarding the development paths in the short/medium/long term of resources to be developed and identify and develop internal people with potential to cover key managerial positions in the company;
  • Define and manage local content development plan, projects and activities;
  • Support Line Managers in the management of compensation policies and in particular for the salary review and project incentive bonus;
  • Support Line Managers for the organization of internal training courses to facilitate the transfer of the company know how.
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